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Privacy Policy

We collect personal information from you in the regular course of business. This page provides you with information on what information we collect and how we use it.

What Information We Collect

We collect and keep the following information about you:

  • Your name
  • If purchasing on behalf of an organization, the organization name
  • Your billing address
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address

If you request shipping to an address different from your billing address, we also collect and keep:

  • Name of recipient
  • Organization name being shipped to, if applicable
  • Shipping address
  • Shipping address phone number

We also collect payment information. The exact Information required will vary by method of payment, but usually consists of credit card number, expiration date, verification code and cardholder name. When you pay online on our website, your information is given or transmitted directly to our payment processors and is not stored by us. When given to us by phone or in person, your payment information is kept only until payment is processed, after which it is destroyed.

When you visit our website, we may also record:

  • What web browser you are using
  • What pages you visit on our site and what links you click on
  • The site that directed you to our site

This internet information is used only in aggregate for analysis of our website to help us improve our site and plan online marketing campaigns. None of this information is identifiable with you or linked to your personal information.

Your IP address, which can be linked to you, may be collected by our payment processors to help detect and prevent fraud.

Why We Collect Your Information

The main reasons we collect personal information from you are:

  • to complete a sale or other transaction with you
  • to effect delivery of your order
  • at your option, to remind you when it is time to repurchase your product
  • to maintain sales history to aid you in future purchases of the same or related items

We do not send unsolicited marketing material to you. However, we may occasionally use your information for other purposes when we consider such use beneficial to you. For example, when we moved we mailed our local customers to inform them of the move.

Enerplace does not sell, rent or otherwise pass your information on to other parties except as noted below:

  • to couriers or freight carriers to effect delivery of your order
  • to our payment processors to collect payment of your order
  • to manufacturers or distributors as part of a warranty claim
  • to manufacturers in the event of a recall of a product you have purchased
  • to government agencies or other parties when required by law or court order

Additionally, business professionals, such as accountants, engaged by our company may have access to your information in the course of providing service to us. These professionals are engaged with the understanding that they will not make use of your information.

Obtaining Your Consent

When you provide us with personal information, we assume you consent to our collecting it and using it for the general reasons specified above.

Opting Out

We offer a service to remind you when it is time to repurchase your product(s). This is an optional service and reminders are sent only if you ask for them. You do not need to opt out of this service, as it is provided only on an opt in basis.

All other information collected is necessary to our core business when ordering online and/or for delivery, and you may not opt out of providing this information.

If you are local to our main Mississauga location, you may shop in person without providing any personal information.

Further Information

If you have further questions about our privacy policy or your personal information, please contact us.

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