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W4-0810 / 32912 / 918413 / AMP-W4-0810 / P102-40810 Inner Carbon Blanket
Inner carbon postfilter blanket for HEPA air cleaner. Wraps around inside of main HEPA cylinder. Specifications Enerplace Part Number:221-E2-W4-0810...
CAD$ 30.00
W4-0840 / 32910 / 918411 / AMP-W4-0840 / P102-40840 HEPA Filter
Main HEPA filter cylinder for HEPA air cleaner. Specifications Enerplace Part Number:204-E2-W4-0840 Lifespan:4 years Size (Actual):14-1/4" diameter...
CAD$ 255.00
W4-0855 / 32911 / 918412 / AMP-W4-0855 / P102-40855 Carbon Prefilter Blanket
Outer carbon prefilter blanket for HEPA air cleaner. Wraps around outside of main HEPA cylinder. Includes Velcro fasteners. Specifications Enerplace...
CAD$ 41.00

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