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1213 / S1-FRKIT1213 Filter Conversion Kit (MERV 13)

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Converts Aprilaire and Space-Gard air cleaner models 2120 and 2200 to take the Aprilaire 213 filter instead of the Aprilaire 201 filter. The newer 213 filter is more efficient (MERV 13 instead of MERV 10) and easier to install (slides into cabinet on tracks instead of assembling with plastic pleat spacers). Conversion kit includes conversion frame and one 213 filter. No tools required to assemble conversion frame. For future replacements, purchase Aprilaire 213.


Enerplace Part Number:1213
Old Enerplace Part Number:203-R1-1213
Efficiency Rating:MERV 13
Lifespan:6 - 12 months (213 filter)
Size (Nominal):20" x 25"

Part Numbers

This filter is sold under the following OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brand and part numbers:

Part NumberBrand
S1-FRKIT1213Coleman, Luxaire, Source1, York
686720012136UPC Code

Used With

This kit fits the following equipment:

BrandModel Number
Aprilaire2120, 2200
LennoxPMAC-20C, X4560

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