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Amana A1EAC Models

The Amana A1EAC is a charged media air cleaner.

Charged media air cleaners, also known as polarized media air cleaners, send an electrical charge into a fibreglass filter pad. The pads themselves have very little mechanical filtration ability, but the thin fibre strands create a very large surface area on which to collect. Once charged, these fibres electro-magnetically capture very fine particles from the passing air stream.

There are a number of different designs of charged media air cleaners. Although most pads fit more than one unit, they are not all interchangeable. Please check your brand and model to ensure you purchase the correct style of pad.

Residential charged media air cleaners are designed to fit into a standard size filter slot. The replacement pads are listed based on the nominal size of the air cleaner, not the actual size of the replacement media pads. The nominal size is usually listed on the unit's power head, but if you cannot find this you can take a measurement. Measure the height and depth of the air cleaner in inches, including all framing and the power head, and round up to the next whole number. As a general rule, your measured size will be between 3/8" and 1/2" smaller than the nominal size. For example, an air cleaner that measures 15-1/2" high x 24-1/2" deep will take 16" x 25" pads.

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