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Amaircare AWW-250

The Amaircare AWW-250 (Airwash Whisper 250) is a central ducted HEPA air cleaner.

This category contains replacement filters for the Amaircare AWW-250.

The Amaircare AWW-250 has a number of configurations. In particular, the inner carbon (3rd stage) filters come in either a standard or plus configuration offering greater odour control. The standard version is a carbon blanket about 1/2" thick. The plus version is a metal canister filled with granular carbon pellets, also known as a VOC canister. You can purchase a standard annual kit to obtain the standard carbon blankets or plus annual kits to obtain the VOC canisters. All versions of the Amaircare AWW-250 can accept either configuration and you may change between configurations as you like.

Specific models include, but may not be limited to:

  • AWW-250
  • 3800117
  • 3801117
  • 3802117

Image Item Name▼ Price
90-A-08ME-ET / 90002287 / 90012287 / 92X17 HEPA Filter Cartridge for 8" Easy Twist Air Cleaners
The 90-A-08ME-ET (previously 90002287) is a 8" Easy Twist HEPA cartridge for Amaircare HEPA air cleaners. It traps very fine particulate and is the...
CAD$ 155.00
94007181 / 94017181 Plus Annual Filter Kit for 8" Easy Twist Air Cleaners
Important Product Information This item is obsolete and available only while supplies last. At last update, we have only 1 piece available. Website...
CAD$ 120.00
Max: 2

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